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Power to the Period - Helping Our Tweens Sync with Their Cycle

a 4 hour workshop - ($200 USD per person)


Our society often sends the message that our menstrual cycle is something to be ashamed of and embarrassed about.   This unhealthy messaging that periods are dirty and cursed, leads many girls to feel repeatedly ostracized and stigmatized due to society's negative association with a bodily process that is necessary to bring forth human life.  The great news is that the current thinking and behavior that contributes to girls feeling isolated and unsupported can be shifted leading to wonderful positive and powerful experiences.  This workshop, for premenstrual and menstruating girls and teens, uses a culturally relevant curriculum to discuss the greatest benefits of becoming a woman and to help them learn how they can feel good during their period.  Based upon the fact that our girls are worthy of being celebrated, honored, and uplifted, instead of feeling anxious and fearful, this workshop helps to shift the current thinking forward from period negativity to period positive possibility by:

  • sharing how to prepare for their periods each month 

  • discussing healthy ways to address period shaming/teasing

  • providing a safe space to be vocal about their experiences so that they don't feel alone in this process

  • showing them how a Period Power Kit and Magical Moonbox can help them feel confident about who they are 

The reality is that how we perceive menstruation impacts how they experience it.  Since periods are a sacred paramount process, this workshop emphasizes that periods are beautiful monthly reminders for girls to slow down, and increase their meaningful self-care by engaging in reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


                              Demystifying Menstruation for Dads

              a virtual 2 hour workshop - ($100 USD per person)

In this interactive workshop, girl dads will come together to support each other in addressing what currently tends to be an uncomfortable topic - your daughter’s menstrual cycle - aka her period.  Don’t let gender stereotypes get in the way of you being the best dad you can be. Your daughter’s first period is an important milestone and it’s important for her to know that you have her back. Dads will leave this fun workshop with an understanding of the magic happening in their daughter’s body, reduced anxiety of talking to their daughter about her period, tips to help her address period shaming/teasing, and suggestions for supporting her in being confident about who she is. 


5 Secrets to Ease on Down Your Yellow Brick Road

a 2 hour interactive virtual workshop - ($100 USD per person)

(Great for Educators, Business Organizations, and Team Building )

Using the wisdom from the film "The Wiz" as our guide, in this engaging, interactive, and fun experience, you'll access the tools needed to allow more exhilaration, ease, positive energy, and enthusiasm into your life. In addition to some eye-opening group discussion and personal reflection, there will also be use of music, video clips, and journaling even some dancing if you feel so moved! During our time together we'll discuss: What it is that's been blocking you from following your unique life path, how to identify the important lessons hidden in your challenges, and the tools to help you get unstuck and making progress on your yellow brick road.


Break the Norm: Choose to Stress Less and

Relax, Smile, and Breathe More

2 hour or half day workshop - ($125 USD - 2 hr/ $200 - half day) 

You get to choose the stress less!  Using humor and real-life scenarios, this workshop will highlight the aspects of stress that are self-imposed, identify the physical and mental consequences of chronic stress, and help you to create a Stress Less plan to implement in all aspects of your life.  The ultimate benefit is the ease you’ll feel when you know that you can choose to stress less.

Participant Reviews

Read past participant reviews to discover how Dr. Carmen has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they needed it, and you can do the same.  Fill out the form below and book your initial consultation today.

"Wow wow wow! I feel like I just came from a weekend spiritual retreat. That really helped me to think honestly about so many things in a way that was helpful and meaningful. Beautifully facilitated."

"Workshop is very, very, very practical. I like the focus on being mindful of our behaviors and practices. The areas we focused on made us reflect inward and helped to illuminate areas need attention and remedy."

"I thought the structure was great! I really appreciated the blend of presentation, introspection and reflection, and discussion. I thought the interactive components really added a lot to the experience and I loved the theme!"

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