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Participant Reviews

Read past participant reviews to discover how Dr. Carmen has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they needed it, and you can do the same.  Then, complete the Contact Dr. Carmen form below and book your initial consultation today.

"A joyful way to share truths and principles. The water feature was powerful during the silent moments - wonderful touch! Amazing connections that you can make in 90 minutes - nicely done. Money well spent!"

"The use of a beloved and familiar film (The Wiz) to illustrate the "secrets" to easing down your road was pivotal in understanding and retaining the information. Dr. Carmen's facilitation was clearly a plus; particularly as it related to building a brave space for engagement. The film clips were enjoyable and instructional in nature and led us all to new and deeper understandings."

"Wow wow wow! I feel like I just came from a weekend spiritual retreat. That really helped me to think honestly about so many things in a way that was helpful and meaningful. Beautifully facilitated."

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