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Rock with Your Menstrual Rhythm: Unlocking Your Cycle's Power

What You'll Discover:

  • Dr. Carmen's Menstrual Magic Sequence:  We'll flow through the four phases, uncovering the power within each phase.

  • Breaking Taboos: Embrace open discussions to break societal stigmas and rewrite your relationship with your cycle.

  • Cycle Syncing: Learn how to align your lifestyle with your cycle's natural rhythms for improved energy, productivity, and emotional balance.

  • Monthly Cycle Planning: Harness the potential of each phase by planning your life around your cycle for increased harmony.

  • Empowering Rituals: Discover self-care practices and healthy boundary-setting techniques to honor your body and mind throughout the month.

  • Eco-Friendly Period Care: Explore eco-conscious, body-friendly period care products for a healthier, sustainable approach.

  • Celebration and Future Impact: Celebrate your cycle as a source of feminine strength and positively influence future generations.

🌸Are you ready to reclaim your menstrual cycle as a source of strength, vitality, and empowerment?  Join us for an interactive and transformative 3-hour virtual workshop designed exclusively for menstruating women aged 20 to 40. 

Our society often sends the message that our menstrual cycle is something to be ashamed of and embarrassed about. This unhealthy messaging that periods are dirty and cursed, leads many women to feel repeatedly ostracized and stigmatized due to society's negative association with a bodily process that is necessary to bring forth human life. The great news is that this way of thinking can be shifted to a mindset and way of being that embraces the power of the menstrual cycle. 🌟

Your Experience Includes:

  • Engaging Activities: Dive into interactive discussions, personal reflections, music, video clips, journaling, and optional movement to connect with your cycle. 🎶📝💃

  • Follow-up Cycle Rhythm Session: A complimentary 30-minute one-on-one session with Dr. Carmen to address your questions and create a personalized action plan for your next steps. 🌟🗓️

Self-Care Investment:
Only $47 for an experience that will change the way you view and experience your menstrual cycle forever. 💫

Ready to start Grovin' with Your Menstrual Rhythm?

Complete our Contact Form and let us know you're a "YES!"

We're so excited that you're ready to Rock with Your Menstrual Rhythm!

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